Around 7 years ago I had the great pleasure of rescuing three adorable little puppies. They are great fun, friendly, love fetching the ball and having their tummies rubbed. They also like to take over the house and at times need a lot of attention. Having a dog is a big commitment that is easily overlooked with the appeal of a cute puppy face.

Here are 4 ways your website is like a needy pup:


It needs feeding

That nicely designed website is really great for the first few weeks. Then it slowly starts to feel a little less exciting every day and after a few months you get bored with it because the content hasn’t changed at all. A good website requires constant attention and regular feeding with new content and images. Google only wants to show off healthy, loved puppies, so a blog is a great way to feed your website regularly.

It needs regular exercise

You can’t just let that puppy run off the leash you need to work on a strategy for obedience! For most, this means being diligent about posting and sharing new blog posts on social media sites and getting them in front of influencers and partners in your industry. You need to get out there and push the sales too, so at most, 10% of your social media output should be promotional.

It needs picking up after

Ah, yes, then reality sinks in. You’re taking a lovely stroll, the weather is perfect, birds are chirping. All a sudden your dog decides to poop on your neighbor’s beautiful lawn. When you open yourself up to the world you are going to get comments, questions and maybe complaints. None of them can be ignored, so a relaxed attitude and small plastic bags are vital.

It Can get Expensive

You may pick up a free puppy from the shelter – or a DIY website, but there’s always more money and time to invest. What if something goes wrong or your website gets hacked? What if you want to change the logo but can’t figure it out yourself? Is your web designer going to charge a fortune for the updates?

Many pet owners have pet insurance to cover huge vet bills. So we decided to offer our clients monthly plans to give them peace of mind. They can come to us with a sick puppy in need of some grooming and know we will not charge them through the roof. If your current web designer doesn’t offer this, have a look at our Website Launch product. It comes with the first month of maintenance for free and optional monthly maintenance package thereafter.

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Photo credit: Tobias Mayr via / CC BY-NC-SA