So your business has a website that was built over 5 years ago  — or you need a new site for a startup and you haven’t the slightest clue where to begin or who to trust with building it. Web design can be an overwhelming process, so we’ve put together a list of things you need to have on your next website whether you decide to do-it-yourself or not.

Professional Design

First impression is everything so your website should encompass a simple design and a content layout that is attractive and easy to navigate on all devices. The best websites are those that create great user experiences from beginning to end. Sloppy, plain or homemade-looking business websites are a major turnoff.

Quickly Loading Pages

Make sure the load times on your pages are up to speed because no one has patience for a slow website. Be sure to optimize your images and avoid using too many 3rd party scripts that slow things down. Additionally you will want to make sure your website is living on a safe and secure hosting platform that is optimized for your needs.

Contact Information

Don’t risk losing potential clients by making it difficult for them to contact you. Make sure visitors can get in touch with you quickly and easily. Contact information such as phone number, e-mail address and physical location are good places to start.
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Content That Gets To The Point Quickly

State what your company offers – and the challenges you solve – in jargon-free language. The message should jump out at your visitors without requiring them to stop and think about it. Once they have learned about your business, be sure to provide a strong call to action to make sure they will take the next steps with you.

Highlights of Uniqueness

Your unique selling points let visitors know why they should stick around and do business with you instead of clicking back to the search results. Always include enough information to inform visitors what makes your business stand out from the competition.

Customer Reviews

Consumers trust word-of-mouth, so share what satisfied customers have to say about your business. By adding reviews, you’ll increase their confidence to do business with you. You can start by asking your top customers to write a few short sentences about your products or services. Adding reviews to your website and then going a step further and requesting them on social media pages will definitely make it easier for new customers to trust you and your business.

Responsive Design

It is now commonplace to access websites from multiple devices with multiple screen sizes, so it’s important to consider if your website experience is consistent across mobile and tablet devices. It’s very important now that Google’s algorithm is beginning to favor mobile-friendly websites in search results!

Fresh, Quality Content

Keeping your site updated makes both visitors and search engines happy. An informational or educational blog is a great way to do this to keep visitors engaged over time. Best of all, visitors will start sharing your blog content on social media and organic traffic to your website will increase over time!

Search Engine Friendliness

Everybody uses Google to find what they are looking for and chances are that the majority of visitors coming to your website will do so through search engines. In order to rank higher in search engines results, a number of techniques should be integrated into your website. Also don’t forget to choose a domain name that is simple, sensible and easy to spell otherwise you might be making it even harder for your business to be found.

Social Media Integration

Your website must be integrated with the common social media networks in order to allow users to share your content and find your social media profiles. There are plenty of solutions out there that can help streamline social media sharing which will drive more traffic and awareness to your business.

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